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Rachel’s Forge Story

Rachel del Guidice is a 2016 graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville where she received a bachelor’s degree in communication arts with a focus in journalism. She enjoyed serving in leadership capacities in Franciscan University’s Students for Life chapter and as well as the university’s Young Americans for Freedom organization. Rachel also served as a student reporter and columnist for The Troubadour, Franciscan University’s student newspaper. Rachel interned at the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal and previously interned for organizations including the Family Research Council, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, and Judicial Watch. She is now a Capitol Hill reporter for The Daily Signal.

Rachel’s Forge Testimonial:

Little did I know  when I received two Facebook messages from a mentor, Bethany, from an internship in Washington, DC and Adam Josefczyk inviting me to the first ever Forge Leadership Summit, the profound impact that Forge would have on my life in such a short time.

I still remember, I was in a computer lab at school finishing up study guides and papers during finals week of May 2015, overwhelmed with the stress that finals week tends to bring.

I’m so thankful for the encouragement and persistence of Adam and Bethany who brought me on board to Forge helped me apply before the deadline.

Forge has impacted my life in so many profound ways, but tonight, I’d like to highlight four of which are special to me.

First of all, Forge increased my appreciation for politics and the legislative process by giving me the opportunity to experience the legislative process up close and personal during the legislative simulation experience of the Forge Leadership Summit.

Forge made the legislative process come alive for me by challenging me to research and write my own bill, debate that bill in a committee hearing room at the Ohio Statehouse, and then debate our bills on the Ohio Statehouse floor with our peers.

It’s one thing to read about the dynamics of politics and legislation from a textbook for a class. Forge however brings essentially what I’d like to call a 3-D experience where participants can see and touch and taste the legislative process up close and personal.

Second, Forge has blessed me with an incredible extended family of peers that is quickly becoming a network of support and trusted friends.

There are so many amazing peers that I have been connected to through Forge that have not only been supportive to me in my professional career but also friends who support me in my personal life, challenge me, and spur me on to pursue God’s plan for me.

I work in Washington DC, a beautiful city aesthetically but one that can be a swamp that can be filled with self-interested people. I am blessed however to know and collaborate with other Forge alumni who like myself have gone on to intern and work in DC either on Capitol Hill, in media, or in conservative nonprofits.

Thirdly, Forge also made it possible for me to travel to Israel last summer to experience the country’s history and culture and come to a deeper appreciation for all the obstacles our greatest ally had to surpass to become a country.

This experience was one I never expected to be blessed with through Forge. I’ll never forget visiting places like Israel’s Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, the site of the signing of Israel’s Declaration of Independence or the communities near the Gaza Strip where rocket fire & bombs are hurled into border cities and families have to be ready to find shelter at a seconds notice.

Fourthly and last but not least, the Forge Leadership Network was also directly instrumental in launching my career.  

Through Forge, I was personally connected to the organization I now work for, and I am so thankful for Forge’s keen interest in connecting alumni with careers that will match their passions.

During my senior year of college after completing the Summit, I got a call from Adam saying that he was meeting with Rob Bluey, the editor of The Daily Signal, which, for those who might not be familiar with it, is the news organization of The Heritage Foundation.

Adam knew about my interest to work in conservative media, and I am so thankful that he connected the dots and saw this as an opportunity to introduce me to someone who could be instrumental in connecting me with a job in that field.

Little did I know, nearly a year after meeting with Adam and Rob, I would be interning at The Daily Signal and landing a job there immediately after my internship.

I can’t stress enough how thankful I am that Forge had the insight and the vision to connect me and so many other who have gone through Forge with careers that match their passions.

This is what sets Forge apart from so many of the internships, fellowship programs, and “conservative job banks” out there.

Forge takes a keen and personal interest in the interests of their alumni and the careers they hope to pursue.

While Forge is building a farm team of conservative leaders, it also is beginning to have a hand in the future of this country because of its keen interest in connecting alumni with opportunities where they can be leaders, working in positions of influence that impact the conservative movement in the city, state, and national levels.

It was always a dream and goal of mine to work at The Heritage Foundation, but I never expected that’s where I would be in my first job right out of college.

I am so thankful to Forge for being so instrumental in helping connect me with a goal and dream of mine that I never imagined would come to fruition so soon.

I am also incredibly thankful for all the donors who made the Forge program possible for me to attend, as my scholarship, funded by Forge donors, allowed me to attend Forge’s first ever Leadership Summit.

God is not outdone in generosity, and thank you all so much for your generosity and having a hand in impacting not only the lives and futures of the now hundreds of students who have gone through Forge’s Leadership Summit and Mentorship Academy, but also the FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY.

A few years ago, President Ronald Reagan said, “We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to stand for something – for liberty and freedom and fairness. And these are things worth fighting for, worth devoting our lives to.”

Thank you for helping the future of this country stand for truth and liberty and freedom. There is little else worth fighting for. Thank you again, and may God bless you all!

Adam Josefczyk
Adam is passionate about investing his future in the future of students who will become the next innovators in the marketplace, champions of free enterprise, inspiring educators, shapers of culture, and statesmen and stateswomen in government.

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