Equipping the next generation of
conservative leaders in the public square


Leadership Summit

The Forge Leadership Summit is a five-day intensive experience filled with dynamic trainings, professional development, and renowned speakers. Accepted students represent talented conservative students and young professionals, ages 18-25, from across America wanting to engage in politics, culture, and business. The Forge Leadership Summit is the first step in the Forge process.


Mentorship Academy

The Forge Mentorship Academy is a year long program offering experiential learning in national and international politics, training in argumentation and current events, an individualized mentor match, and connections to top internships and jobs. Designed to supplement full-time studies or employment, the Academy admits standout graduates of the Forge Leadership Summit.

What People are Saying

What real people have said about Forge Leadership Network.


Congressman Jim Jordan

I’m proud to support the good work that Forge Leadership Network is doing to identify, train, and equip our state’s best young conservatives. Together, we can empower the next generation of Ohio’s conservative leadership to begin restoring our state and nation.


Kevin Roberts, Ph.D.

President, The Heritage Foundation
The conservative movement can’t truly remain on offense without a farm team. We must train young patriots to take up the mantle of freedom and engage with the culture and fight for what’s so good in America. I am so excited by the work Forge Leadership Network is doing to identify, prepare, and equip the next generations of conservative leaders, and I look forward to seeing their efforts expand in the years ahead.
Haley Holmlund

Haley Holmlund

Forge has the most incredible educational and vocational opportunities. The knowledge and experiences I have gained from it will impact me for the rest of my life. But what truly makes it the amazing experience that it is, is what makes any experience what it is – the people.
Nathanial Mundy (1)

Nate Mundy

FORGE ALUMNI - West Carrollton (Dayton, OH) School Board
When I ran for West Carrollton school board in 2019, I was fresh off my experience at the Forge Leadership Summit. Although I lost that election, Forge taught me to be persistent. I returned to the race in 2021 to lead a powerful campaign that knocked on over 2,000 doors and connected with the community through social media and in-person events. Success is not just about winning, it’s about learning. I saw the larger vision to learn from my mistakes years prior — Forge taught me that.
Brant Kitchen

Brant Kitchen

FORGE ALUMNI - 2019 Forge Summit
The Forge Leadership Summit has changed my life in ways I never thought it could. Getting connected with a network of amazing people that espouse similar ideals as my own has truly been a blessing.
Adelaide Holmes

Adelaide Holmes

FORGE ALUMNI - 2019 Forge Summit
Forge helped me realize how I need to grow, personally and professionally. The Forge Summit encouraged me to embrace and overcome my fear of public speaking. I came away with a clear idea of my next steps so I can challenge myself to become a better communicator and leader.

Jeff D. Reeter

Entrepreneur, Author, Managing Partner of the Texas Financial Group, LLC.
Refreshing – Refreshing is the descriptor I would use to comment on my experience working with various classes of Forge’s participants. What a privilege it has been for me to seek to be a catalyst with them! The truth is their energy, outlook, and capacity have far more greatly encouraged me, than I them. Sometimes I get concerned that America’s future could be bleak: the Forge participants would inform me otherwise!
PST Official WH Photo–July 2020

Paul Teller

Former Trump-Pence White House staffer, Former RSC Executive Director
It has been my tremendous honor for years to have addressed and connected with young conservatives from the Forge Leadership Network, and I hope they don’t stop inviting me back!  What Forge does is vital for growing the Conservative Movement.

Michael Farris

If we truly value our freedom as Americans, we must equip the next generation to fight for that freedom. Forge Leadership Network has stepped into the much-needed role of identifying and mentoring young conservative leaders – it’s an honor to support their mission and work.

Jena Powell

The training and mentorship I received at the Forge Leadership Network was vital to my success.
Rob Bluey 1

Rob Bluey

Executive Editor of The Daily Signal and one of our national partners at The Heritage Foundation
Forge is providing a tremendous service to the conservative movement. By building a farm team of future leaders, organizations like The Heritage Foundation have seen its benefits firsthand. One of Forge’s Fellows, Rachel del Guidice, interned at Heritage and quickly made her mark. Now, she’s part of our reporting team at The Daily Signal and she’s covering the biggest news stories happening in Congress. Thanks to Forge’s training, Rachel understands how the legislative process works and she’s prepared to take on the assignment. I hope future Forge Fellows follow the same path.
Brandon J Smith

Brandon J. Smith

Former Policy Director for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback
The [Forge grad] I hired has been as good as advertised! I can see why Forge thinks so highly of him and why you recommended him so strongly. He’s been a great addition and not just me, but everyone in our office has been very impressed. Forge is providing an invaluable service, building up the next generation of conservative leaders and public servants who are well prepared to take on the noble task of preserving our republic and creating a brighter future. Their efforts to help place graduates in positions where they can give back to their community is vital to growing the conservative movement.

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