A four-day leadership summit held every July at Ohio Christian University and the Ohio Statehouse where conservative students learn timeless principles, practical skills, networking, and legislative simulation from leaders in business, government, and culture. This is open to individuals 16 to 24 years old.



Each year, the best and brightest from Forge 101 are invited to join the Forge Mentoring Academy. In January, they’re offered an exclusive trip to Washington D.C. for incredible training, mentoring, and networking with some of the finest leaders and mentors in our Nation’s Capital.



The final event of the 12-month Forge Mentoring Academy is a life-changing trip to Israel. This ten day trip is run by the Passages organization and provides an international perspective on faith, culture, business, and foreign affairs. This trip is only available to graduates of Forge 101 and 201.

What People are Saying

What people are saying about Forge Leadership Network.

Rob Bluey 1

Rob Bluey

Editor-In-Chief of The Daily Signal and one of our national partners at The Heritage Foundation
Forge is providing a tremendous service to the conservative movement. By building a farm team of future leaders, organizations like The Heritage Foundation have seen its benefits firsthand. One of Forge’s Fellows, Rachel del Guidice, interned at Heritage and quickly made her mark. Now, she’s part of our reporting team at The Daily Signal and she’s covering the biggest news stories happening in Congress. Thanks to Forge’s training, Rachel understands how the legislative process works and she’s prepared to take on the assignment. I hope future Forge Fellows follow the same path.
Brandon J Smith

Brandon J. Smith

Policy Director for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback
The [Forge grad] I hired has been as good as advertised! I can see why Forge thinks so highly of him and why you recommended him so strongly. He’s been a great addition and not just me, but everyone in our office has been very impressed. Forge is providing an invaluable service, building up the next generation of conservative leaders and public servants who are well prepared to take on the noble task of preserving our republic and creating a brighter future. Their efforts to help place graduates in positions where they can give back to their community is vital to growing the conservative movement.

Tim Throckmorton

Author, Speaker, and Pastor of Crossroads Church
The incredible importance of the Forge Leadership Network simply cannot be stated loudly and clearly enough. The future of Faith, Family, and Religious Freedom will be shaped by the very generation that this organization will influence. The America my grandchildren will experience will be profoundly touched by Forge, and for that I am deeply grateful.

Kassie Dulin

Director of Legal Communications at Liberty Institute
At the Forge Leadership Summit, young adults are immersed in real-life learning experiences, where they are taught the principles that made America great and trained to be effective champions for the truth. Forge Leadership Network is not just developing young leaders – it is cultivating the next generation of American statesmen.

Peter Burns

Forge Graduate - Now Policy Analyst for Gov. Sam Brownback
Forge Leadership Network has been an invaluable resource as I pursue the goals God has set before me. Forge has come alongside me and given specific, professional counsel that I could not have received anywhere else. The guidance I have received in this critical transition stage between school and career will affect the rest of my life.

Jim Jordan

U.S. Congressman (OH-04)
"I’m proud to support the good work that Forge Leadership Network is doing to identify, train, and equip our state’s best young conservatives. Together, we can empower the next generation of Ohio’s conservative leadership to begin restoring our state and nation."

Eric Teetsel

Author, National Speaker, Executive Director of the Manhattan Declaration
Among the array of conservative leadership organizations Forge stands apart. Strategically equipping the most talented students with a sound understanding of first principles and real-world, hands-on leadership experiences maximizes the possibility that the next generation will be the one to put America back on track.

Greta Schuster

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the Summit. I seriously cannot get over how wonderful the experience was. It was a pleasure getting to know each and every one of you. Thank you especially Adam Josefczyk, Justin Powell, Rachael Powell, and Jena Powell. You four, especially, worked so hard to make all this possible and ran everything so smoothly. Words can’t explain my gratitude and how truly blessed I am.

Morgan Bergoon

Thank you for all of the time you spent organizing the Forge Leadership Summit to make it such a success. It was, without a doubt, the best leadership conference I have attended, and I truly feel the experience prepared me well for the future.

Landon Farmer

I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet you and learn from your wisdom at the Forge Leadership Summit. Thank you for taking time to share timeless principles with me and the other students. It was such a blessing. Experiencing the various legislative simulation exercises enabled me to better understand the political process and sparked my interest to learn more. In addition, the speakers were phenomenally encouraging and informative. I so appreciate the sacrifice, hard work, and determination that you put forth to make this event happen. You did an excellent job hosting the event! It will be exciting to see how the Forge Leadership Network continues to develop. May God continue to bless you in your endeavors!

Ian Swanson

I’ve been looking for something like this for over a year – [Forge] is an answer to prayer. I am a better Christian, friend, and man because I met you all at this Summit. God bless you, God bless Forge Leadership Network, and God bless America.

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