Creating the next generation of conservative leaders.

The Forge Leadership Summit is a five-day intensive experience filled with dynamic trainings, professional development, and renowned speakers. Accepted students represent talented conservative students and young professionals, ages 18-25, from across America wanting to engage in politics, culture, and business.

The Forge Summit brings together young adults pursuing different vocations, but each dedicated to better understanding and defending the first principles of the American Founding in a 21-Century context. The Forge Summit informs and equips students through:

Forge recruits nationally renowned thought leaders and power players of the conservative movement to speak at the Forge Summit. Speakers teach students how to think critically about the principles and policies of conservatism including limited government, Judeo-Christian ethics, religious liberty, and economic freedom.

Experiential Training
Forge believes that a keen understanding of conservative principles is best mobilized through hands-on training. During the Forge Summit, students engage in the following trainings:

  • Media training – Forge partners with Alliance Defending Freedom to provide their professional, hands-on instruction for public speaking, effective message development and execution, and interview navigation.
  • Campaign-In-A-Day – Forge partners with American Majority to give students the tactical political skills necessary for electoral victory. Best learned through application, students apply their newly developed skill set through a mock election cycle.
  • Forge Legislature – This legislative simulation teaches students the intricacies of the legislative process. Participating as Representatives, Forge students draft bills, run the committee process, engage in floor debates, and vote on whether or not bills should become law.

Professional Development
Forge launches students into their careers. Throughout the Forge Summit, we help students develop their personal brand and improve their networking skills. Students build professional and personal relationships with fellow students, visiting speakers, and Forge staff, building a network of like-minded peers and mentors to last a lifetime. After the summit, Forge staff leverages the power of the conservative movement for our alumni, helping them secure top internships and jobs.

The Forge Sequence
From Leadership Summit to Mentorship Academy

The Forge Leadership Summit is also a five-day interview. Throughout the Leadership Summit, students are evaluated for acceptance to the Forge Mentorship Academy. Invited alumni of the Leadership Summit complete a written application for the Mentorship Academy. Acceptance is highly competitive.

The Forge Mentorship Academy is a year long program offering experiential learning in national and international politics, training in argumentation and current events, and an individualized mentor match. Designed to supplement full-time studies or employment, Forge facilitates the Mentorship Academy through digital platforms, conference calls, mentoring relationships, and trips to Washington D.C. and Israel.

Through this year of dynamic training, students create deep relationships with like-minded peers and mentors from around the country, building lasting networks for years to come.

Forge Leadership Summit Dates for 2022: To Be Announced Soon!