The Bellows

Join our community of monthly supporters fanning the flame of liberty in the next generation

What is The Bellows?

The Bellows is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to create the next generation of servant-leaders. People like you, from all over the country, giving anything they can to mold young leaders who will shape the future of our communities, states, and nation.

Historically, the bellows was one of the most essential tools that a blacksmith like Founding Father Paul Revere had in his workshop. Without it, getting metal hot enough to bend and work with just wouldn’t have been possible.

A blacksmith uses a bellows to deliver a constant supply of oxygen to the fire, to “fan the flame.” This allows for fires temperatures hot enough to heat iron to the point that it can be molded.

Forge believes in Scripture’s admonition that ‘iron sharpens iron,’ that intentional mentorships and deep, accountable friendships produce men and women fit for service. Forge molds young servant-leaders to impact their city, state, and country.

The Bellows is a community of Forge champions that are connected, invested, and eager to share. They make stoking the fire of liberty in the next generation possible!

Your monthly investment will...


of young leaders known for their integrity, character, and ability to effectively communicate their beliefs and values to our world.


the next class of innovators in the marketplace, movers and shakers in culture, and principled statesmen in government.


that will revitalize the state, nation, and culture that your children and grandchildren inherit.

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