Alumni Milestone: Three Forge Grads Team Up to Pass Hotly Contested Bill In Ohio

Forge Grads Team Up, Pass Bill Into Law

Alumni of Forge Leadership Network’s premier training and mentorship programs are already involved in positions of leadership and influence across the nation. Forge supporters are able to stay updated on where and how our alumni are impacting their community and nation through our popular monthly email series: “My Forge Story.”

Normally I introduce you to new alumni stories, but from time to time, I want to update you on Forge graduates (“Forge Fellows”) whose impact and influence is growing and share their major accomplishments.

This update features not one, but THREE Forge alumnae teaming up to pass monumental legislation in Ohio.

Last week, 2016 Forge graduate State Representative Jena Powell achieved a milestone and breakthrough as a legislator. When the Ohio Senate joined the Ohio House of Representatives in voting to override Governor Mike DeWine’s veto of House Bill 68, it meant that after four years of work and perseverance, the bill Jena introduced and sponsored will now become law in Ohio.

Substitute House Bill 68 was a combined bill of the Saving Adolescents From Experimentation (SAFE) Act which outlaws the practice of dangerous and sterilizing transgender “medicine” on children and Jena’s Save Women’s Sports Act which protects girls in K-12 and collegiate sports in Ohio from being forced to compete against males. The combination bill became quite newsworthy and controversial due to its subject matter and after Ohio’s Republican governor surprisingly vetoed the bill. The Ohio House and Ohio Senate needed a super majority to override the veto, which they achieved last week. The bill will now become law in 90 days.

➡️ WATCH: Jena explains how the Forge Network prepared & supports her

Legislative Aide Naomi Del Guidice, State Representative Jena Powell, and Legislative Aide Madeleine Castle

Not only is Jena’s legislative achievement a credit to her, it’s also a chance to celebrate the tireless work of her two Legislative Aides over this four-year effort – Madeleine Castle and Naomi del Guidice – both Forge graduates.

This was a true team effort, fueled by friendships and collaboration started through the Forge Alumni Network.

This is the vision of Forge: principled, well-equipped young conservatives collaborating and strategizing together for maximum impact on policy and politics.

Thank you for your support of the mission of Forge Leadership Network to prepare, mentor, and connect more young conservative leaders like Jena, Madeleine, and Naomi.

Think about this…

  • Because of your generosity, Forge exists…
  • Because Forge exists Jena, Madeleine, and Naomi developed the skills, networks, and conviction to impact the public arena and the Statehouse…
  • Now, they’re passing legislation that will protect millions of Ohio children…

All because of your investment in raising up the next generation of conservative leaders!

Thank You,

Adam Josefczyk
Forge Leadership Network
Co-Founder & President

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