New Book From Forge Board Chairman Jonathan Jakubowski Receives National Accolades!

Forge Board Chairman Jonathan Jakubowski has written an exciting, new book: Bellwether Blues: The Conservative Awakening of the Millennial Soul.

Fresh off the presses, it is #1 on Amazon in its category (U.S. Local Government) and was mentioned recently on the Rush Limbaugh radio show!

In his book, Jonathan explores what he calls the, “three pillars” of the American experiment—faith, family, and freedom. These are also the themes of the Foreword, written by Jonathan’s friend and mentor Shaun Alexander, former Seattle Seahawks running back and 2005 NFL MVP. As a Wood County, Ohio resident, Jonathan realized that the many millennials living in this “bellwether” county who had switched their vote from Obama to Trump in 2016 and he decided to dive deeper to understand this phenomena. What he discovered was what he describes in the book as a “conservative awakening of the millennial soul.”

[LISTEN: Jonathan was recently interviewed on The Daily Signal podcast by reporter (and Forge graduate!) Rachel Del Guidice]

“Following the improbable results of the 2016 election, Bellwether Blues takes a deeper look into the bellwether county context to assess one specific demographic that appears to remain out of reach for conservatives: millennial voters,” Jonathan begins. In Bellwether Blues Jonathan explains that rather than being an off-limits demographic, the Left is only making it easier for millennials who, “pride themselves as being full of reason, reflection, and common sense,” to find a home on the Right.

But even as millennials have been crossing the political aisle away from the Progressive Left, Jonathan calls out the Right for embracing the “Left’s tactics of political warfare,” and so making it more likely that millennial voters flee to the political center rather than the Right. Jonathan writes that, “absent a change in conservative tactics, these voters are likely to experience the ‘bellwether blues’ which will only increase their skepticism and decrease their trust in American political institutions.”

Watch the story of how Forge alumni Doug, a millennial featured in Jonathan’s Bellwether Blues, #LeftheLeft:

“For conservatives,” Jonathan writes, “by redefining their methods of persuasion and by asserting a principles-first identity, they will fulfill their end of the bargain, as evinced by history.”

Jonathan proves his premise with personal stories from seven millennials from his community. These young people are immigrants, single moms, football players, even Forge alumni! —all living proof that the Left doesn’t hold a monopoly on the millennial vote, and that an increasing section of this demographic are seeing the Left’s true colors. It is now left to the Right to reach out to these voters by appealing to the, “timeless ideals of faith, family, and freedom in the electoral context.”

Jonathan’s book is available now on his website!

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