So, What’s Next?

For the past 7 years, I’ve been working with students as a teacher or administrator on the high school level. During this time of year, students are typically scheduling classes for the next school year, anxiously anticipating spring break, and looking forward to senior trip and graduation. A common question on the minds of all high school students is “So, what’s next?”

It’s been a privilege to walk alongside students during this stressful but exciting time of life. One of the reasons that I have committed my time and energy to Forge Leadership Network is to help students determine what is next for them. I’m excited to be working with a talented and connected team of professionals who are committed to finding opportunities for motivated students to develop their passions.

If you’re within the ages of 16-24, I strongly encourage you to apply for our Summit this July. If you’re over 24, please consider recommending students that might benefit from our program. After attending the Summit, students will be eligible to participate in our year-round mentoring program, which will provide guidance to students as they enter college, seek out internships during or after college, and prepare to enter the marketplace. For any individual entering this exciting time of life, Forge Leadership Network can be an asset to you as you determine “What’s Next?”


Jennifer Reno

Director of Operations – Forge Leadership Network

So, What’s Next? Register to apply today to the 2015 Forge Leadership Summit!.

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