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Here’s what our students had to say about this year’s Forge Leadership Summit:

“The Forge Leadership Summit is a remarkable launching pad for the next generation of principled statesmen, community leaders, and faithful Christians in the public square. By participating in the Summit’s engaging activities, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to succeed as an emerging conservative leader. And you’ll form a lasting cohort of newfound friends in the process. The Forge Leadership Summit excels at catalyzing moments of personal and professional growth and is definitely an opportunity worth pursuing.”

— Calvin Blaylock, 2020 Forge Leadership Summit Attendee

Our newest installment of our quarterly newsletter is out now! You can view the most recent newsletter (as well as all previous ones) online here.

In this newsletter, we provide a recap of the 2020 Forge Leadership Summit which we held in-person this past July! This edition includes encouraging student testimonials and inspiring overviews of the programming that students experience at our Summit.

We hope you find the stories and testimonies of our students as encouraging as we did! Below is a quick recap of what you will find in the newsletter….

Highlights From This Edition

Student Voices: Paul Kayembe (and many more!)

“As someone who has experienced the divisiveness of tribalism, I try to befriend people who share at least one of my values, not simply the color of my skin, who are grounded in faith and believe in Jesus Christ. At the Forge Summit, I met a handful of people from all races that met that threshold and beyond.

The experience at the Forge Leadership Summit was one of a kind: the type of experience that gives you a glimpse into the future, reviving hope in you.”

Paul testifies at a Committee Hearing at the 2020 Forge Leadership Summit

Winning Campaigns Through Strategy and Teamwork

Our friends at American Majority presented “Campaign-In-A-Day”, which is a unique hands-on training that gives students the tactical political skills necessary for electoral victory. Matt Batzel, the National Executive Director, and Scott Ellis, the Wisconsin Campus Director, returned once more to organize the Campaign-In-A-Day event which is one of our highest-rated trainings of the entire Summit. During this hands-on exercise, students are divided into groups of 10 and are assigned a fictional congressional campaign contest. They collaborate in their campaign group for a total of five hours, including a working dinner, and then prepare to present their candidate’s speeches in a campaign “shark tank” before expert guest judges!

Forge-For-A-Day: Experiencing Forge Firsthand

Forge-For-A-Day is a chance for Forge Champions to join the students they bless. Supporters, friends of Forge, and members of the community often share the sentiment: “I love the vision of Forge, but I wish I could receive the training the students receive, too!” To accomplish this, Forge-For-A-Day was launched at the 2018 Summit to enable adults over 25 to experience a “taste of Forge” on our most exciting day. This year, twenty-one adults spent a full day with Adam Josefczyk and Justin Powell, Forge co-founders, to experience a number of the essentials of the Forge Leadership Summit. Forge-For-A-Day attendees hear from some of our most popular speakers and have the opportunity to participate in the Forge Legislature with the students.

…and so much more!

We hope you enjoy this newest Forge quarterly newsletter highlighting our Summit that happened this Summer in-person—without one COVID case!

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Adam Josefczyk
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Adam is passionate about investing his future in the future of students who will become the next innovators in the marketplace, champions of free enterprise, inspiring educators, shapers of culture, and statesmen and stateswomen in government.

Joseph Backholm is Senior Fellow for Biblical Worldview and Strategic Engagement at Family Research Council. He combines extensive legal, political, and policy experience with a love for the way biblical truth cultivates human flourishing.